Samantha Knezel

Jessica Brachfeld

Kristy Ann

Domonique Depaolo

Kimberley Jade

Lindsay Moreno


Pauline Jackson

Jayden Michelle

Ashley Alexiss

Jamie Flowers

Lexi Blecha

Valentina Lequeux

Valentina Lequeux | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | May 2017

Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor | Charlotte, N.C. | June 2017

Dani Butler

Dani Butler | Brooklyn, N.Y. | June 2017

Jasmine Fernandez | Bayshore Blvd.

I first met Jasmine in December of 2014; she was the first girl that I shot in Tampa after moving there a week or so prior. Since then we have done a ton of shoots together and have become great friends. Jasmine never fails to amaze me. She always has a smile on her face and her attitude is constantly positive. For this shoot we decided to go to Bayshore Blvd. In Tampa for a more commercial fitness look. Once again Jasmine knocked it out of the park and the shots we got were fantastic as always. I always love working with Jasmine and look forward to my future shoots with her. Check out the photos below and leave comments below...

Ashley Lands

I first met Ashley 2 years ago when I shot the Corsa America Rally calendar 2 years ago. She didn't shoot that day but we became friends on social media and a few months ago we spoke about setting up a shoot. We were trying to figure out a date to shoot and get some ideas when our mutual friend Joseph Elneggar of Certified Motors in Tampa came into possession of a 1964 Lincoln Continental. This has always been a favorite car of mine and Ashley also wanted to do a shoot with it as well. We planned a date to shoot and location and on the day of everything came together perfectly. Ashley was incredible to work with and from the beginning of the shoot til the end we were on the same page. Ashley is very beautiful but also very sweet and made the shoot super easy with her laid back style and great attitude. Love the shots we got on this day and can not wait to work with Ashley again on some fantastic ideas that we have spoke about. Enjoy the pics below and please be sure to leave likes and comments on the post...

Amanda Taylor

I first met Amanda Taylor when she came to Tampa to do a shoot for Corsa America Rally. The first thing I noticed from across the room were perhaps the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Behind those eyes is an intelligent beautiful young woman who has an electric smile and a great personality. We did the Corsa shoot which went flawlessly and then we decided to go down to the beach afterwards to do a sunset shoot. We only had about an hour or so to shoot by the water but that was all we needed. Amanda was incredible and we were able to get some fantastic images. I can not wait to work with Amanda again soon and to get even more great images. Check out some of the photos below and leave comments .... 

Corsa America Rally

I have been lucky enough to work with Corsa America Rally now for about two and a half years. In that time we have done multiple shoots with some of the countries most beautiful women and some of the worlds most amazing automobiles. All the people at Corsa are absolute aces. It starts from the top with Thomas Heinrichs, the boss, and goes from there. Everyone from the car owners to the girls can not be better to work with and I always look forward to these jobs. This last set of shoots we did this fall was no exception. It took place over 3 days with 9 beautiful women and 10 incredible cars. Some of the girls I have worked with before and for some it was a first time; regardless, every single girl crushed it. Long days, tough light, a ton of outfits and getting the right angles and not one complaint from anyone.

   Thank you to Thomas for putting all of this together; he booked all the models and handled all travel and schedule coordination including getting the cars as well. Huge thank you goes out to Joseph Elnaggar from Certified Motors in Tampa for everything he did at these shoots. From bringing the air conditioned trailer for the girls to change in to putting decals on all the cars and helping move every car into the right spot these shoots most certainly would not have gone as smoothly without him. Thank you to all of the guys who brought their cars to the shoots. Thank you as well to Peter O'Knight Airport in Tampa Florida for letting us take over one of your hangars and allowing us a great private location to shoot at. And last but not least thank you to all of the models who came and made my job so much easier. This whole thing is a team effort and no matter what you think you can not do it alone so when you have a great team come together and everyone is on the same page it makes for a great experience and great images. Check out some of the images below and be sure to leave comments...