Lindsay Moreno

I first worked with Lindsay about 2 years ago. I loved her look and we had a great shoot and got some fantastic images. We tried to do another shoot sooner than 2 years but scheduling conflicts by us both got in the way and it took a little longer than we both would have wanted to make the next shoot happen. But they say the best things come to those who wait and when we did finally get together for our 2nd shoot it was amazing. Lindsay absolutely smashed the shoot as you can see below. She had a new look with the short hair and she has the most piercing blue eyes. They are like lazer beams when she stares at you. Lindsay is an absolute stunner and has a great personality to match. She is always ready to laugh and makes shooting an absolute joy. Can not wait to work with her again in the very near future and make some more increbible images. Enjoy the photos below and leave some comments as well….